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January 2020
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About The Fuse:
In a world that pulls us in every direction and demands our constant attention it can be hard to live a life that is Christ centered. As a whole we try to incorporate purpose, discipleship, fellowship, and ministry in a relevant way to help cultivate Christian lifestyles among students. The FUSE is here to help you navigate your way through these critical years of your life. Come check out our services on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. Get involved!

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Our Mission:
FUSE youth ministries exist with the sole purpose of fusing the timeless message of the Bible and the relentless passion of today's youth to reach and minister to a broken and hurting world.

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Our Leaders:
Derek and Jenna Sanders
Jenna and I are the youth pastors at Byram's Chapel and have been for the past few years. We are super stoked about what God is doing through the FUSE and the youth involved in it. God planted us at Byram's in 2007 with His purpose and plan for us in mind and soon led us to become the youth pastors. God is doing great things and we are just overwhelmingly blessed and thankful that He chose us to be a part of it. Jenna is originally from Macon County and works in the I.T. field in Portland. She is a wonderful wife and a humble mother to my beautiful daughter Abigail. Abby is 10 months old and gives us both a unique perspective on how precious we are to Christ. I'm a dental hygienist in Bowling Green and love being creative musically and artistically. We're both in love with Christ and our youth, which we would love you to be a part of, and can't wait to see where he's taking us all. Well that's us, so now it's only fair that we get to know you!!!

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